Son of Yhency

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I agree with Flea

If you went to Penn or Cal (and maybe some other schools) a few years ago, circa 2000, you may remember those shirts that a lot of born-again Christian-types were wearing that simply said something like, "I agree with Kris." Those shirts were everywhere, yet no one really knew what they meant. At least not me and my Jew friends.

I think I've figured it out. And today, my friends, I'd like to say that I agree with Flea.

The Lakers-Knicks game last night quickly turned into a rout, with the two teams separated by 20 to 30 points for most of the second half and Kobe playing sparingly in the last quarter and a half (still finished with 40 points). While this may sound like a bad thing, it actually turned out to be quite the blessing. For Andrew Bynum played. Oh yes, did he play.

And now, like Flea, I am obsessed.

If I were Bill Walton, I would be saying right now that Andrew Bynum is the future of the Lakers organization, that he's the player who, along with Kobe, will lead the team back to its rightful position of prominence. But I'm not Bill Walton. So instead, I'll just say that Andrew Bynum is, in fact, the second coming.

In just one full quarter of play, Bynum shot a perfect seven for seven from the field, added two more free throws, pulled down four rebounds, had an assist and a steal and just generally made his presence on the floor known. He was, simply put, unstoppable. And the somewhat pro-Lakers crowd took notice.

I'll admit that this was against a Knicks team that is awful, but I don't care. Bynum was brilliant. He played with this sense of entitlement, as if the ball belonged to him and that no one was going to stop him from putting it in the hoop. I actually don't even remember his assist because he was so clearly hellbent on scoring every time he touched the ball.

He played, and my heart soared. Oh, did it soar!