Son of Yhency

Friday, January 20, 2006

Fantasy basketball update, Week 12

It's Week 12 of 645 of the basketball season, which means it's time for my pseudo-weekly fantasy update. Why no updates from weeks 1 through 11? Because this season is so long, they don't really count. Luckily, I did do a bit of an update on December 29, so I have something to measure against. Unluckily, NO ONE will care about these updates. So without further adieu:

Darko's Disciples ("Year 2" league) - 3rd of 11 teams (+5 places vs. 12/29 standings)
- I'm still 14 points out of first, but with the first place team's lead that big, I've seen owners get complacent and stop paying attention. Plus, there's still much time to go in the season and I've come back from larger deficits than that. (Ahem, The Mighty Snails...)
- Neuman Watch: The Mamba! is in 8th place, 9 points out of 3rd, and just got 80 cents on the dollar by trading away Ray Allen for Pau Gasol and Raja Bell. Suck it, Neuman. (If you don't know Neuman, he's a contributor to the Worst Blog on the Internet.)

The Jello's Jigglin' (Yahoo winner league) - 6th of 12 teams (+2 places)
- Only 11.5 points out of first in this league, although I'm not as confident about making a move on first as the competition is pretty stiff.
- Just swapped Shaq for Mo Peterson. I love Shaq, and always will, but not as a fantasy player. He kills you in free throw percentage, has been declining in numbers the last few years and is a huge injury threat. Plus, I needed threes and steals bad, both of which Peterson gives me.

Only three more months until Pedro ruins fantasy baseball seasons across the country!