Son of Yhency

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Operation Yhency commences!

Son of Yhency exists as an ode to Yhency, to make him proud. But tragically, Yhency almost certainly knows nothing of this wondrous tribute to him. Therefore, to celebrate our upcoming 50th post and because we are merely weeks away from pitchers and catcher reporting, we here at SOY are determined to change this injustice.

Henceforth, we are commencing Operation Yhency, which has three goals, all of whose completion are vital in upholding the strong and promising future of this blog:

1. Alert Yhency of said blog.

2. Have Yhency visit said blog and post at least one comment that praises us and our effort to elevate his stature to that of, say, former Dodger reliever and current Los Angeles icon Jay Howell.

2a. Should Yhency aspire to have a career in writing, he will also be extended an open invitation to become a contributor, with free editorial reign.

3. Have Yhency sign an 8" x 10" picture of himself and mail it to this blogger, as he will post it in a permanent place on the upper right hand side of the main SOY page.

In order to force some structure onto this holiest of holy quests, this blogger has created some distinct steps in order to complete all goals of said Operation:

1. Locate mailing address for Yhency. If no personal address is readily available online, locate mailing address for Dodgers organization. Target completion date: February 1

2. Write letter to Yhency (to be published in its entirety here) telling him of how he tempts us so and imploring him to help this blogger fulfill the three heretofore mentioned goals. 8" x 10" photo will have to be provided by Yhency. Target completion date: February 15

3. Wait for Yhency's response. Target completion date: March 15

3a. In the event of a non-response from Yhency, rinse, reuse and recycle until said step of said Operation is complete.

3b. In the event of involvement with law enforcement or McCourt family cronies because of this blogger's overzealousness in achieving these goals, blame this guy.

4. Upon Yhency's inevitable (albeit possibly long-awaited) response, post all necessary documentation for proof of this Operation's completion on this blog. Target completion date: April 15

4a. Shall Yhency accept the open invitation to become a contributor on this blog, temptation will be had by all.

Updates on this endeavor shall come on a frequent to semi-frequent to never-frequent basis. Let it be so!