Son of Yhency

Monday, December 05, 2005

Borat v. Kazakhstan

I'm sure a lot of you have already heard about Kazakhstan's furious response to Ali G's Borat -- several years late, mind you -- but I had to link to this article anyway, just for hilarity's sake. What the hell are those Kazakhs (Kazakhis? Kazakhans? San Diegoians?) thinking? Don't they know that this will only create more publicity for Borat and his web site, And not to be rude, but don't they know that no one in the western hemisphere even cares about them? Before this whole thing went down, did you know that Kazakhstan was the fifth largest country in landmass in the world? I didn't. Could you point them out on a map? I couldn't.

Let's face it, Borat has brought Kazakhstan more publicity in the last two years than the country has seen in the last two centuries. And any sane person has to know that Borat is completely fictional and that the country didn't used to make women ride on the outside of buses, make homosexuals wear blue hats or that the legal age of consent has recently been raised to eight, right? Right? Ummmmm, right?

On second thought, the country may want to escalate its measures against this miscreant.