Son of Yhency

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Up and down we go...

Israel -- as if I didn't know this already -- is tiny. It's just a tiny, tiny country. Something like 500 kilometers from top to bottom, with some parts of its width being so narrow that you can literally see from one end to the other. You can drive from the Egyptian border to the Lebanese border in maybe four hours (not that you'd want to go to either of those places) and it's only another hour or so to the Eilat and the Red Sea.

My point is that it's pretty easy to cover this country. In my few days here so far, I've been to the Dead Sea (at 300 meters below sea level, the lowest place in the world) and Madassa in the south and Tsfat/Tzfat/Zefat (there are a million spellings), the Golan Heights in the north and just about everywhere in between. It's been a great experience so far, but I've really been amazed by just how small this place is. Anyway, the last bastion is Tel Aviv, and then I've covered everything but Gaza, the West Bank and Eilat. I'm only upset that I'll not be able to go to one of those three places.

The jet lag is just about over, but unfortunately, so is the trip. So I'll get screwed up once again come next week. In the meantime, I -- what the... what's this?!?!? Red Sox trade for Josh Beckett??? Gotta go, see you!!