Son of Yhency

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Potato... potato?

Turns out I'm in Rehovot, not Rehoboth. But I think Rehoboth may just be the English translation. So I guess I was still right. I don't know.

The trip here was good, but long. Spent about four hours in the airport in Frankfurt, which I think wins the award for strangest airport I've ever been to. Germans are just strange in general, I guess. Most of the time there, I was thinking of that Family Guy episode where Brian and Stewie are on a tour in Berlin and the tour guide skips over history in the early 40s and Brian said, "Wait, what happened then?" And the guide shouts back, "Nothing happened!!! We were all on vacation!!" Then he goes on some rant about the fuhrer. For some reason, I was finding that especially funny in the airport. Could've been the jet lag.

Anyway, I've been here a little over a day now, with all of today in Old Jerusalem. Great place, although I guess a little more quiet than I expected. Kinda like Old San Juan, if the analogy isn't too blasphemous for anyone. Saw the Western Wall and then did a tour underneath the wall and the Muslim section, which was very interesting. Apparently the Muslims decided to build on stilts instead of right on the ground. Go figure.

Even after 14 hours of sleep yesterday, my body's still messed up. We're heading out to the Dead Sea tomorrow, so hopefully a little more rest tonight will do me good. Until next time...