Son of Yhency

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The last word

As far as the AL MVP debate goes, this is it. I promise. But I couldn't resist linking to Jason Stark's argument for Papi for MVP. He basically makes the points that I did but has dug even deeper, beyond the basic situational hitting stats. Because if you thought those numbers were telling enough, there's more. Now we have proof -- beyond anecdotal -- that Papi was also more productive in the later innings and in closer games. And when you combine those two situations to look at productivity during the late innings of close games? Papi hit .313 to A-Rod's .176. Come on people, that's ridonculous.

Stark's other argument for Papi is that the MVP award has almost never been awarded based on defensive capability, as evidenced by people such as Jose Canseco, Juan Gonzalez and Frank Thomas winning it. So I wonder -- if Papi had simply played the year at first base, even at a sub-par level, would that have validated him in more people's eyes as the MVP? Just because he played in the field? History seems to say yes.