Son of Yhency

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Mark Cuban, you're my hero

Love him or hate him, you gotta respect Mark Cuban. He's successful, rich, carefree and he owns a basketball team. Oh, and he can pick a fight with the best of them.

While you can often see him on various sports programs offering his thoughts, he airs all of his thoughts on his blog, And some of them can turn vicious. The latest victims of his lashings? The TNT basketball crew.

His first post begins innocently enough with his excitement over the Mavericks' victory in their first game this year. But soon, almost without warning, he starts attacking the TNT studio crew of Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Reggie Miller. Of Chuck and Kenny, he has this to say:

There is a reason why [they] haven't gotten head coaching jobs. There is more to running a team these days then thinking you know what you are talking about... With all that money you guys make (hey if you are going to talk salaries, lets see how you like it), go out and hire some kids to track what actually happens in a game rather than having TNT bring in kids to go out and get donuts... Kenny wants to be the coach, but won't do the work, so never will be more than a sidekick.

Good stuff, definitely. But then he turns his attention to Reggie Miller, who's had less than one week of work at TNT under his belt:

And rook..I mean Reggie Miller. Remember this rook. Every year TNT brings in the guy who was good, but retired last year, and puts them in that same seat you were sitting in. You may have noticed that they arent there any more. Do something more than just try to be another guy who tries to fit in and trade nonsensical barbs with the boys.

A little unwarranted to attack Reggie in his first week? Maybe. But who cares, this is great!!

Then, I guess the TNT boys responded to Mark on air. Because the other day, he responded with a new post, where Mark challenged the basketball knowledge of Charles and Kenny:

I'm willing to compare the basketball knowledge of AJ, Del Harris, Joe Prunty and Larry Riley to the two of you anytime. My guess, you guys are on the short end of the stick.

I love it! Stay tuned to Blog Maverick for further barbs in this bitch fight.

And while you're there, be sure to check out the archives for Mark's fight with another celebrity -- a certain Mr. Donald Trump. You see, while this little fight with the TNT boys will probably pass over in a few weeks, Cuban hates Trump. Which makes for great reading.

The first sign of trouble came in Cuban's post on April 14, 2004, just as Cuban was pimping his reality show, The Benefactor. Cuban quotes Trump, who basically said that The Benefactor would be a rip-off of The Apprentice. Obviously Cuban took some offense to this and tears into Trump, talking about how they're completely different. Great reading.

Then, in his September 8, 2004 post, Cuban responds to Trump's appearance on Leno the night before, basically saying that the success of The Apprentice has next to nothing to do with Trump. And finally, in his November 23, 2004 post, the day after Trump filed for bankruptcy, Cuban basically dances over Trump's dead body and gloats about how miserable of a businessman he is.

Is this all just a little too juvenile for a successful businessman? Definitely. But is it hilarious? DEFINITELY. And that's why I'll continue to check up on Cuban's site to see who his latest vendetta is with. Stay tuned.