Son of Yhency

Monday, November 07, 2005

Cuban-TNT update

It looks like Mark Cuban's gone soft on us. In his latest blog entry, he backs off of the various controversies he's stirred up. He's not mad at TNT, he's not mad at the RIAA, he's not mad at Hollywood, he's not even mad at Donald Trump!! Say it ain't so Mark!! Even if this is how you really feel, can't you at least lead us to believe that you'd like to fight all these people (and entities) to the death? It makes for better reading.

Anyway, looks like has actually started to track the back-and-forth between Cuban and the TNT crew. I find it hard to believe that David Stern would allow such hootenany to infiltrate the league's web site. Then again, he's a marketer, and I guess nothing grabs eyeballs more than scandal. And an iron fist.

Stay tuned...