Son of Yhency

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Keep Manny!

Yesterday, a Red Sox fan started an online petition to keep Manny Ramirez in Boston, and within a day, the number of signatures are in the five figure range and climbing rapidly. I implore EVERYONE to go to and sign the petition. They even allow you to offer to do something if Manny stays in Boston, so I told him he can crash on my couch whenever the Sox are in New York. Or whenever else he wants. That would be so kick ass.

The only problem with the petition is that it's aimed at the Sox, who, without Manny's protestations, would never even conceive of trading him. (Let's forget about the part where they placed him on waivers two years ago). It's Manny who wants out, so in a perfect world, the language in the petition should be targeted towards him and not the organization. But who cares, I think he'll get the point.