Son of Yhency

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My pathetic life vis a vis the radio

For the L.A. folks out there, I got a multiple choice question for you.

What's more pathetic? That:

a) I'm happier than an 8-year old school girl at a Backstreet Boys concert that KROQ is now broadcasting online,

b) in 2006, at least half of the songs that KROQ plays are from the 90s (this is supposed to be an influential radio station, yes?),

c) I'm facing what amounts to be a moral dilemma of catastrophic proportions when choosing to listen to Adam Carolla or Kevin & Bean in the morning,

d) I can't let go of L.A. and -- here's a novel idea -- listen to a radio station/show from the town that I actually live in, or

e) the best analogy that I could come up with for someone excited is an 8-year old school girl at a Backstreet Boys concert? I mean, the Backstreet Boys aren't really relevant anymore, are they? And it's not just them, right? Where's 'N Sync? 98ยบ? Are slutty girls the new boy band? Seems that way. I feel like they -- and by "they", I guess I'm referring to Britney, Jessica Simpson, etc. (or have they also become irrelevant? is/are there new slutty girl(s)? [or is there a new genre of prepubescent people out there that get 8-year old school girls excited?]) -- have somehow taken over that demo. How did that happen? Right?

Ummmmm, right?




Wait... where was I? Oh yeah, pathetic stuff.

Judge for yourself people.