Son of Yhency

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Some sort of inbreeding

Being the Red Sox/Dodgers fan that I am, I feel like the two teams are always dealing with each other. Grady Little goes from Sox to Dodgers (ugh), Hideo Nomo threw a no-hitter for each team, Theo Epstein was recently pursued by the Dodgers after declining to re-sign with the Sox, Dave Roberts came to Sox via the Dodgers (and now holds the award for Greatest Stolen Base Ever), Frank McCourt bought the Dodgers after his attempt to buy the Sox failed, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Maybe they don't swap players as much as I'd like to imagine, but at least to me, that's the way it feels.

Now it looks like Bill Mueller is going to the Dodgers after playing with the Sox for the last three years, thus further breaking apart the Miller/Mueller/Millar trifecta the Sox had going on last year. And while it's sad to see him leave, I'm excited that he's going to the Dodgers. Yes, Mueller peaked in 2003 when he won the ALCS batting title, but he's a solid, serviceable player. Good hitter, very underrated defensively at third base and a big time gamer. And it looks like he'll be batting behind the drunkard in the number two spot for the Dodgers.

I wish the Sox could have held onto Bill, especially because he was quite the Yankees and Mariano Rivera killer (he drove in Roberts after that stolen base in Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS and also hit the game winning home run in that infamous 2004 game where both teams brawled after Arroyo hit Fruit-Rod), but with Lowell and Youkilis holding down the corner infield spots next year, they couldn't afford him anymore.

Thankfully, he's ended up with Los Doggers.

(Why am I writing all these homages to players? This is it, I'm stopping after this.)