Son of Yhency

Thursday, December 08, 2005

So long, cowboy

With the Red Sox opting not to offer Kevin Millar arbitration, his time as a Red Sox is essentially over. And that's sad. Not because the Sox are losing a potent bat or a great defensive player or anything like that, but because they're losing one of their greatest clubhouse presences from the last few years. Starting with his Cowboy Up and Karaoke Bruce Springsteen antics in the 2003 playoffs (I beg you to click on that second link), Millar was a huge favorite of the fans as well as his teammates. And affectionately nicknamed "Millosh" (pronounced MEE-lōsh) by myself, my roommate Dave, and, uhhhh, no one else, he was probably my favorite player on the team.

Anyway, Millar basically rode the coattails of his 2003 season in 2004, playing up the whole "Idiots" thing and having a good time. Unfortunately for him, 2005 turned out to be a bit of a sobering year, as his numbers for the season ended up being gawd awful. Which sadly brings us to the Sox not offering him arbitration.

Kevin, you know we love you. It's been a great run, I wish you nothing but success for the rest of your career.