Son of Yhency

Sunday, April 09, 2006


The Line

Couldn't catch the Dodgers-Phils doubleheader on TV today but Yhency made an appearance in the first game, and it wasn't good. The line above is ugly enough as it is, but the full story is even worse than it appears.

According to Not Another Sports/Poker Blog (who unfortunately has a less-than-positive opinion of Brazoban), Yhency came on in the top of the seventh after D-Lowe surrendered a double to Mike Lieberthal. After Abraham Nunez entered to pinch run, Yhency threw four consecutive balls to Shane Victorino, with the last being a wild pitch that Dioner Navarro made less than a valiant effort to block. That put Nuney at third, Victorino to first. After getting Jimmy Rollins to pop out, Yhency threw another wild pitch, so Nuney broke for home. Fortunately, Navarro recovered the ball and threw it to Yhency, who tagged out Nuney at the plate. (Ravings from Behind the Plate at Chavez Ravine even wonders if Yhency did that on purpose, because that seemed like the only way he was gonna get anyone out.) Unfortunately, Yhency followed that fortuitous play up by giving up a hit to Aaron Rowand, thus allowing Victorino to score from second. That made for a 3-3 tie and a blown save.

Grady mercifully stopped the bleeding by bringing in Hong-Chih Kuo to match up against Bobby Abreu. (While Kuo got the out, I'd like to think that Grady brought him in because he killed the Phils on Friday, not because it was a lefty-lefty matchup. Because while I have no idea if the info in the post in this blog is accurate, it claims that Kuo is actually more effective against righties than lefties.)

Just an ugly appearance for Yhency. And it could have been much worse. The Dodgers ultimately lost the game, 6-3, but thankfully won the second one, 6-2.

On a side note, James Loney is looking like a beast, both offensively and defensively. Guess Colletti knew what he was doing when he signed Nomar for only a year. Can't wait to see him in action with Joel Guzman, Andy LaRoche, Chad Billingsley and others in a few years. (Although I wouldn't mind Nomar coming back soon, so I have him for fantasy. Gotta love that shortshop and third base eligibility.)