Son of Yhency

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Opening Day thoughts

Made it to Opening Day at Shea Stadium on Monday to see the Mets beat the Nationals 3-2, and while freezing my ass off, I had a few thoughts:

- Xavier Nady is not only the all-time Pac-10 leader in slugging percentage, but after an astounding 4-for-4 performance, he currently leads the Mets in slugging with at a clip of 1.500. I'm no baseball scout, but I think we could be witnessing the start of the greatest baseball career in the history of the sport.

- Alfonso Soriano did not run to the Mets dugout and seek amnesty, as I was convinced he would. Too bad. But he looked as good as he could have at the plate and made all the routine plays in the field. I think he'll be alright this year.

- If you ever want to see a good fireworks display, do not go to Shea Stadium. After a day of shopping for M-80s and bottle rockets in Ensenada, Mexico, I've put on a better show. Wow.

- I understand that Billy Wagner has been entering games to Metallica's "Enter Sandman" since his days in Houston, but even back then, how do you choose the same song as someone else, let alone the guy who Peter Gammons calls the most dominant player (not just pitcher, but player) of the current era? Mariano Rivera doesn't mind, and actually claims he doesn't even love the song, and that's a shame. I want to see him start something, just so we can divide New York and get any of those 50/50 fans to choose a friggin' side.

- I know nothing about the man as a person, but I love Julio Franco. What a guy.

And with that, we're under way!