Son of Yhency

Monday, March 20, 2006

The struggles become an issue

Yikes. Another outing, more of the same struggles for Yhency. Two innings pitched, one wild pitch, one earned run allowed. I keep trying to find the silver lining, and I guess here it would be that Yhency pitched two innings (most work so far this spring) and, like his last appearance, allowed no walks. And he lowered his spring ERA to an astounding 9.64! Again -- yikes.

While I always caution that absolutely zero bearing should be placed on performance during Spring Training, it looks like I may not be entirely correct. For Yhency has pitched poorly enough that there have been some grumblings that he may not even make the Opening Day roster! Eric Gagne and Danys Baez are set at the back of the bullpen, and with several young pitchers making an impression in camp, some serious competition has emerged for the last few spots. I can't actually fathom that Yhency, he of the 21 saves last year, wouldn't make the team, and Grady Little has said that it isn't fair to judge him just yet, but we here at SOY don't need this kind of uncertainty! Yhency, get on it!

I need to compose this letter to Yhency, and that's going to happen soon. Check back for that in the next few days. Or not.