Son of Yhency

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Now it's time to freak out

Yhency has toyed with us all spring, and now it has come to a tipping point. For after another un-Yhency-like performance on Friday, where he gave up a two-run home run to some dude named Reggie Abercrombie (granted, one of the runs was inherited), Yhency's deep in doo doo.

Hong-Chih Kuo (0.00 ERA) and Franquelis Osoria (1.80 ERA) have been absolutely tearing it up this spring, and while it was thought that only one of them would break camp with the Dodgers, Grady Little is now saying that it's possible that they will both start the season in L.A., with Yhency either on the DL or with Triple-A Las Vegas.

Please hold while I muffle myself with a pillow.