Son of Yhency

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Yhency performs. Osoria doesn’t.

The Line

Yhency did his job last night. He did his job well.

Entering the top of the seventh with the Dodgers down to the Braves, 8-5, Yhency quickly took care of business. And when the Dodgers offense faced off against the Braves’ John Thomson, Mike Remlinger and Oscar Villarreal in the bottom of the inning, they responded to Yhency’s stellar performance by putting three runs on the board to tie the game.

In the top of the next inning, on comes Franquelis Osoria, who, along with Hong-Chih Kuo, tore it up in Spring Training as Yhency struggled. And as Kuo proved on Opening Day, we saw for the millionth time why you can’t place any stock in spring performance, for Osoria promptly gave the lead back to the Braves by allowing an RBI double to Ryan Langerhans. It turned out to be the winning run, as the Braves won, 9-8.

Damn you and your deceptive spring performance, Osoria. You too, Hong-Chih Kuo.