Son of Yhency

Friday, April 21, 2006

Back in the day

I'd like to think that most people know that in exchange for Kevin Brown, Yhency (and others) came to the Dodgers via a trade with the Yankees. However, I don't know how many realize that just a couple of years before that trade, Yhency was actually an outfielder with them darned Yanks. Here he is, featured on an old Bowman card in all of his offensive-minded glory. Not sure about the autograph on the card, as he spells his name "Yhensi."

Nice looking swing, Yhency! Almost Griffey-esque in the follow-through. However, the best picture is on the back of the card, in which he features a full-on sneer:

As part of his mental rehab in preparation for the 2007 season, I think Yhency needs to channel the inner beast he displays in this picture so that he can intimidate hitters and pitch the way we all know he's capable.